Medical Mycology

Medical Mycology”  is now open for enrollment on  Persons wishing to enroll should contact the instructor, Errol Reiss, to alert me of your intent to enroll by sending  an email to errolreiss[a] 

Please include your email in your request. 

Upon receiving your email I will  inform you of your UID and PW. Then I will admit you to the course. Then the next time you sign on to you will notice “Medical Mycology” listed.  Just click on that and you will enter the course. 

Medical Mycology is an upper level undergraduate/graduate level course.

It is divided into 8 Modules as follows: 

Module 1. The Fungal Lifestyle

Module 2. Detection, Recovery and Identification

Module 3. Antifungal Agents and Therapy

Module 4. Environmental Molds-Endemic Mycoses

Module 5. Opportunistic Yeasts and Pneumocystis

Module 6. Opportunistic Molds

Module 7. Mycoses of Implantation

Module 8. Cutaneous Fungal Infections

There are 5 quizzes, which are non-cumulative; and several "To Do" assignments within each module. the course is based on the Author's textbook, "Fundamental Medical Mycology" which is recommended reading.